About Iain Taylor

I am a Visual Artist based in The Western Lake District.  Working with Acrylics and Digital Mediums, I produce images inspired by the colours and scenes that surround me.

I produce vibrant Abstract paintings which focus on merging and movement of colours.  All artwork is Contemporary and Abstracts can be produced to a bespoke colour scheme to suit individual needs.  If you have any questions please use the contact details provided.

The digital side of my work produces Photographic based images, and Software Developed images.  These can be both Image based, or purely Abstract Based.  All Digital work is available in printed format.

Acrylic Abstracts are produced on both Canvas and Card based mediums. 

Abstract Art
Dreams.  Acrylic Original on canvas.
W60cm x H40cm x D4cm. 

Find a lot more of my work here, and keep up to date with my latest posts. https://www.instagram.com/iaintaylorcreative/

Digital Art By Iain Taylor Cerridwen, Goddess Of The Arts.  Digital Art.
Standard Size A4 print (297mm x 210mm).

Cerridwen was created via a Purchased Stock Image.  Then all subsequent artwork was created and coloured by myself using different Software.  The finished piece includes layering techniques and Digital Painting.





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