Brighter Nights are coming!

Time to say bye bye to the darkness and welcome in some new light to the day.  It’s been a cold dark January.  Time to warm up the home with some colourful abstract artwork.  I am now including some digital work on the website as a compliment to my painted pictures.  Enjoy!

Iain Taylor 2018

Welcome To My World

Put something on your wall that will give you a lifetime of pleasure.  Abstract Artwork can be thought provoking, stimulating and a focal point in your room.  One piece can change the dynamics of your Décor and bring warmth and vibrancy into your home.  I am available to take commission work if you require a painting with certain colours, please contact me using any of the methods on the website.

Iain Taylor

Abstract Art

“Abstract art has been around a long time, and there are many different styles to enjoy.  I explore colour, vibrancy, texture and movement.  The beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder!” 

“My work is a talking point at many fairs and exhibitions.  People tell me all the time the things they think they can see in the image.  The challenge is to look beyond the image, and let yourself see what your brain is telling you it can see!”

Iain Taylor 2017