About Iain Taylor

I am a Visual Artist based in The Western Lake District.  Working with Acrylics and Digital Mediums, I produce images inspired by the colours and scenes that surround me.

My work includes:-

Photography, Digital Art, Acrylic Painting, Prints and Greeting Cards.

All work on all pages of this Website are © Iain Taylor 2019.

I produce vibrant Abstract Paintings which focus on merging and movement of colours.  All artwork is Contemporary and Abstracts can be produced to a bespoke colour scheme to suit individual needs.  If you have any questions please use the contact details provided.


‘EF5’ Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Abstracts are produced on both Canvas and Card based mediums. The painting above entitled EF5 based on the Tornado “Finger of God”. 

Much of my work is inspired by my love of colours and patterns.  I have had this attraction since childhood, and a lot of it stems from nature.  The image above shows the vibrancy and intricate patterns of semi precious stones.  In nature colour is everywhere.  My pallet is reflected accordingly in most of my work, though I still do like the simple black and white effect.

Abstract Painting is my way of expressing what has inspired me, and how to share that feeling visually.  It is a difficult Art concept to understand for many people.  The secret is to be able to look beyond the painting to truely see what is going on. 

‘Uprising’.  I produce a lot of small 29.7cm x 21cm Acrylic work.  This is a great size for standard A4 framing, and is a way of maximising impact using only a small space.  Signed and dated original artwork. 


‘Solstice’ Original Acrylic Painting.  This piece is 48cm x 48cm on canvas.  I like to rely on the movement of the paint to create the colour merges.  By applying the paint thickly this makes for a highly textured painting.  Usually I work quickly whilst the paint is wet.  Once dry I come back to it, to add on.  I repeat this procedure until I am satisfied it’s complete.

Below is a video of how I create using Acrylics.  The techniques vary but nearly always involve pallet knives.  This is by far the best tool for my job.  Pattern shape and merging is not planned but rather evolves during the process.  I then have to gauge the best composition for what is going on.  I always know what colours I am going to use when I start, that’s about it!

The digital side of my work produces Photographic based images, and Software Developed images.  These can be both Image based, or purely Abstract Based.  All Digital work is available in printed format.

‘Meltdown’ Digital Art.


‘Chaos’ Digital Art.

This one above features the use of Fractal Software, one of my favorites.  I always add to and re-colour to put my own stamp on it.  It has then had quite a lot of other work added to make the finished piece

‘Starburst’ Digital Art

Digital images can be produced and manipulated in 1000s of different ways.  For me, I use various different software packages to obtain a result.  All work has to be printed onto desired surfaces to create a finished piece.  Beauty of working with Digital is, no washing and cleaning up afterwards!


Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are produced at 7″ x 5″ and are based on Photographic and Digital images.  Most of the Photographic work is based on inspiration that surrounds me in The Western Lake District.  But not exclusively! 

Find a lot more of my work here, and keep up to date with my latest posts. https://www.instagram.com/iaintaylorcreative/





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