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Iain Taylor

My Name is Iain Taylor.  I am based in West Cumbria, England in the market town of Egremont.  I work in the abstract medium using mainly acrylic as this allows me the vibrancy of colour that in my opinion only this can give.  This allied to the use of the pallet knife also allows me to create textures and ridges to further enhance the visual experience.  Every piece of art I create is totally exclusive as none of my work is available in prints. This allows my paintings to be seen and purchased only in the form I intended and created.  All work is signed and dated on the rear allowing you to hang the image in the best way it speaks to you.

Growing up amidst the Cumbrian landscape with its wild coast, and wide-open lakes offering mountains and skies that go on forever, these scenes could not but help inform my younger years. Then moving to Manchester, put me in a complete reverse of landscape being one of industry, yet looking closer I found a strange beauty within this area. Somehow, I needed a way to express all this raw emotion and experience.  Physically that was never a problem.

As well as being an artist I am also a musician, and perhaps choosing the drums as the weapon of my voice, has allowed me to express myself with sound. However, with my art I needed to couple my love of colour, with my love of the earth tones I grew up with.  My visions needed to explode on the canvas with feeling and passion, and abstract form was the direction to take.  Each design is a piece of me based on a lifetime fascination of colours and patterns.  Abstract has given me the freedom of form to let go of my grasp of the literal, and just allow my inner mind to to guide my hand across the canvas.  As in music as in art, if you start to think too much about what you are going to do instead of doing it, well that’s when you lose it.

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