About Iain Taylor



My Name is Iain Taylor.  I am based in West Cumbria, England in the market town of Egremont.  I work in the abstract medium using mainly acrylic as this allows me the vibrancy of colour that in my opinion only this can give.  This allied to the use of the pallet knife also allows me to create textures and ridges to further enhance the visual experience.  Every piece of art I create is totally exclusive as none of my painted work is available in prints. This allows my paintings to be seen and purchased only in the form I intended and created.  All work is signed and dated on the rear allowing you to hang the image in the best way it speaks to you.

As a child and Teenager I was always fascinated by vibrant colours.  There was something about a new packet of 24 wax crayons with their glowing colours, it just made me want to be creative.  My friends thought I was mad, they just wanted to go out and kick the football.  All I wanted to do was designs.  I also produced a lot of pen and ink doodles.  I loved the contrast of jet black ink against white or orange.  You could achieve real depth with this.

Another influence for my work comes from Nature.  I remember being blown away by my first encounter with a Cinnabar Moth.  The colours were just awesome.  Semi precious stones were another source of inspiration and fascination with their bands, rings, blotches and magnificent colours.  Colour in my life has been, and remains, a major factor to my well being.  So how come I use so much black?  Because, when you set colour against black, it really makes it pop!

Then came music.  Drums.  I mean how cool were the drum finishes.  The whole kit was an abstract.  The art side went away and lay dormant for many many years.  I played in bands, had a job, had girlfriends and never thought much about any other form of creativity other than music.  I was engaged to an Artist at one point, and I think this was the first turning point of starting to feel creative again.  I got into tumble polishing semi precious stones, and made small items of Jewellery from them.  I also did put black ink to paper again, and did a small ammount of art.

I became quite keen on photography also.  Found I had a good eye for composition, and knew what made a good shot and what didn’t.  Of course once computer software came in, and the Post Production possibilities, I was like a kid in a sweet shop.

I struck on digital abstract art by accident whilst messing around with some software.  It was then I realised I could merge colours, produce shapes, make abstract work etc.  So I did.

Then I found Acrylics.  Here we are.



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