Canvas Work – Medium To Large


My Original Abstract Paintings are available in different sizes.  They are all unique as I do not produce prints of my original work.  Many customers have purchased because the work matches their colour schemes in a certain room of their house.  I also take commission work for that exact reason.

My work features vibrant colours and depth, along with different textures produced by the Acrylic paint.  I use pallet knives to create the painting, and none of the process includes pouring.  All movement of the paint and blade are done by my hand.

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by patterns and vibrant colours, especially where they merge like in bubbles or spinning marbles.  The abstract genre allows me to exploit these factors.  The fact that people interpret my artwork differently and see beyond the image, makes it even more worthwhile.  Much of my work comes from my curiosity of semi-precious stones and nature. The world of vision, and how we interpret that world environment and emotion that forms a part of our everyday life, has long since been an inspiration for my art. I embraced the world of digital and photographic art, but missed the true freedom of expression that I found with painting.

All artwork and images are © Iain Taylor 2018, and no part of this website may be reproduced in any format without prior written consent from the Artist.  If you wish to use or copy an image please ask me


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